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Psychometrics - understanding more about you and your team

Psychometrics for those who haven't come across the ideas before is refreshingly straight forward in principle: all individuals are different so all individuals have different skills, ability, confidences and needs.

If you can recognise your own preferences and challenges you can raise your effectiveness and enjoyment of your work: by adjusting the way you work to best suit you. However if you can recognise the preferences and challenges your colleagues present, then you can raise the effectiveness of the whole team by adjusting the way you all work together.

We offer two approaches to psychometrics with slightly different styles, both have a testing system that we can administer which can give each member an individual report as well as a report detailing how the team fits together. The best way to really get to grips with the principles is to see them in action - as well as testing we can make the ideas easy to understand for all levels of the organisation and even better, offer a set of targeted real life challenges to bring the principles to life and test them in real situations.

Team Psycometrics - a Bit like Kayaking?

Getting to know yourself and your team

Meradith Belbins team roles system of describing teams and individuals has been a staple of managing teams for success for many year. Easy to understand, based on common since and straight froward terminologies make it popular and relevant today.

Belbin was based on what functions people naturally perform in a team and what functions need to be performed in an effective team. These functions are given simple names like - "team worker" and certain personality types like to do these roles the Belbin Methodology tests for these preferences .

High Performing Team Roles

High Performing Team Roles

Myres Brigg Type Index

Myres Briggs Type Index

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